I am passionate about empowering all individuals who care about the empirical underpinnings of policy, with direct access to data.

By way of education and experience, I hold a Bachelor of Arts/Laws(Hons) from Melbourne University and spent several years in Policy Advisor roles. Eventually the lure of data became too strong and I went back to school as a mature age student, gaining a Masters of Applied Econometrics from Monash University.

During this time I enjoyed the full student experience like Rodney Dangerfield and acted as Editor and Writer for the Economics Students Society of Australia. I also had the privilege of working as a Research Assistant for data guru Professor Rob Hyndman, opening my eyes to the wonders of the R language for statistical computing and to the awesomeness of data science. I haven’t looked at an Excel spreadsheet since.

I have spent six years working in various Data Science roles in the higher education sector as well as undertaking research into space utilisation in the hospital sector.

My writing has also appeared in The Conversation